D5599 Oxygenates


Alpha Omega Technology’s new R-OH Analyzer is setting the new standard for the determination of oxygenates in gasoline. The analyzer is built on a customized GC platform that incorporates a Catalytic Pyrolysis Reactor, a Hydrogenating Reactor (Methanizer), and a Flame Ionization Detector. The R-OH’s Oxygen Selective Detection System is more efficient and selective than the competition. The R-OH analyzer is fully compliant with ASTM Method D5599-17 and offers petroleum laboratory customers a robust, cost effective alternative to current offerings. The R-OH has a lower operating cost with the advantage of reduced down time with ‘fast hot-swapping’ reactor maintenance. Operators will also experience reduced break through of aromatics due to the reactor’s higher cracking capacity. The R-OH is also offered in dual analyzer configurations such as our D5599/D3606 combination analyzer.


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  • Method Compliant

    Meets the ASTM D5599 requirements

  • Lower Cost to Buy

    Lower up front purchase costs compared to the competition

  • Lower Cost to Maintain

    Significantly reduced consumable costs compared to the competition

  • Superior Tech Support

    Knowledgeable application specialists are available by phone and email to provide remote same day support

  • Oxygen Selective Detection System

    Removes Interference from Hydrocarbons

  • Reduced Down Time

    Fast Hot-Swapping of Reactor Module.

  • D3606 Combination

    D5599/D3606 combination analyzer available.


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