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Gasoline (RFG) Analyzers / Applications

Alpha Omega offers the following gasoline analyzers or we can applicate your instrument to meet the specific criteria of the method. Customized variations are also available.

Analyzer/ApplicationApplicable MethodsPlatforms
Oxygenates in Fuel    ASTM D4815 7890B GC
Aromatics in Fuel ASTM D5580, D5769 7890B GC
Oxygenates and Aromatics in Fuel ASTM D4815, D5580, EN13132, EN12177 7890B GC
Benzene in Gasoline    ASTM D3606 7890B GC
Low Level Oxygenates in Light Hydrocarbons (LowOx) ASTM D7423 7890B GC
Trace Oxygenates in Reformulated Gasoline      7890B GC
Aromatic Hydrocarbon Types in Aviation Fuels and Petroleum Distillates by HPLC/RI ASTM D6379, D6591 1200/1260 HPLC


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GC - Gas Chromatograph   HPLC - High Pressure Liquid Chromatograph

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