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Simulated Distillation Analyzers / Applications

Alpha Omega offers the following Simulated Distillation analyzers or we can applicate your instrument to meet the specific criteria of the method. Customized variations are also available.

Analyzer/ApplicationApplicable MethodsPlatforms
Simulated Distillation Analysis ASTM D2887, D7213, D6352, D5307, D3710, D7096, D6417, D5442(Wax), IP 406 7890B GC
High Temp Simulated Distillation Analysis ASTM D7169, D6352, D5307, IP 545, IP 480, EN15199 7890B GC
Simulated Distillation Analyzer with Sulfur Speciation Analysis ASTM D2887 (Balloted Revision) 7890B GC


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GC - Gas Chromatograph

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